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About Us 

Whether we are at work, at school, at home or simply in transition traveling between places, we all find ways, means and tools to express ourselves daily. While we know that writing and drawing are two important methods of communication and self-expression, the tools and supplies to allow these basic methods of communication are not easily available for many, especially those from the disadvantaged or less privileged community.


The Wall Jacket’s goal is to offer all ages effective, innovative and affordable tools for written communication, sharing of ideas, for learning as well as creative expression through art and colors using existing wall space. With our various solutions, you may easily transform your existing plain and underutilised area into a learning and activity space that can be enjoyed and benefit people of all ages for years to come.


Our current range of products include Zeta Whiteboard Paint, Zeta Magnetic Paint, Zeta Chalkboard Paint, Wryte Dry Erase Whiteboard Film, Wryte chalkboard Film, and many useful and attractive accessories. While they are available online for your purchase, we’d be happy to provide solutions for applications and installations too. We hope our products will help change and enhance the way you view and use your current space.


Besides offering an amazing array of products, The Wall Jacket was founded with a strong social mission as it’s core. We welcome you to join us as volunteers or support our social cause in any way you can. Together we can help improve the life of children and families in extreme poverty around the region. Like our facebook page to get updates on our products and programs.


Welcome to The Wall Jacket Store!

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