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Zeta Magnetic Paint 
Application Guide

Before you Begin
  • Check that the surface is free from any holes, cracks, dirt and oil. Holes and cracks should be plastered and leave plaster to dry overnight.

  • If the wall has texture, please sand it down to smoothen the surface.

  • Mark out the area you wish to paint on with painter’s tape. The area should not exceed the coverage as specified for the magnetic paint amount that you have.  

  • Protect moldings, switches or trim with painter’s tape

  • Protect your floor from stains and damages with painting drop sheet.


  • Stir the paint carefully until it is completely mixed. This may take 3-4 minutes. 

  • With roller (foam or mohair roller), apply paint evenly and thoroughly within the marked out area from one end to the other end. Leave paint to dry (at least until surface is touch-dry) before commencing second coat. Check and remove any drip lines or rough patches before applying next coat.

  • Apply as many coats as needed to complete the recommended amount of magnetic paint.


  • Maintain good ventilation throughout the drying and curing period. Poor ventilation may inhibit curing and performance.

  • After the last coat, sand with 400# sand paper slightly before applying the topcoat

  • Test with magnet over the painted area to see if the magnetic strength meets your requirement.



The strength of magnetism of magnet has impact on the performance. We recommend the use of Neodymium magnets.  

(Neodymium/Rare Earth magnet is NOT recommended for children under 5 years as they are not edible and toxic when swallowed).

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